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“In Medicine one must pay attention not to plausible theorizing but to experience and reason together … I agree that theorizing is to be approved, provided that it is based on facts, and systematically makes its deductions from what is observed … But conclusions drawn from unaided reason can hardly be serviceable; only those drawn from observed fact” — Hippocrates

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Roberto A. Giraldo

Maria Grazia Gonzalez Polar and Monarcas Peru

Maria Grazia Gonzalez Polar became fascinated and concerned by the failings of the HIV=AIDS dogma and, at the urging of MD Roberto Giraldo, founded Monarcas Peru. This interview with David Crowe and Terry Michael gives fascinating insights into the meaning of HIV and AIDS in Latin America, the groups that are targeted, and the sinister world of outsourcing of clinical trials to places where, even if the drugs worked, they could never be used and where, if there are serious side effects there is unlikely to be much attention.

Hot Off The Press!

The new book by Etienne de Harven, Ten Lies About AIDS, is now available in bookstores.

If you believe that seropositivity indicates HIV infection or that AIDS is sexually transmitted, then this book is for you! For much too long, your health has been dangerously exposed to misleading information about AIDS.

The new book by Janine Roberts, Fear of the Invisible, is now available in bookstores.
Roberto Giraldo contributed the book's preface, "Demolishing Fear."
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How scared should we be of viruses and vaccines, HIV and AIDS?
An Investigative Journey into a reckless and contaminated Medical Industry.

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