Letter to Etienne de Harven on Hans Selye

This letter was written in June 2000
and posted during the Internet Discussion
of the South African Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel

New York June 14th, 2000

Professor Etienne de Harven
Professor Emeritus of Pathology, University of Toronto
former Electron-microscopist at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, New York

Dear professor De Harven:

Thank you very much for bringing to the South African Government AIDS Advisory Panel discussion Hans Selye’s scientific work.

I do believe that Selye’s research on stress teaches us a lot about understanding the pathogenesis of AIDS.

My hypothesis of immunological stressors being the cause of AIDS has its basis in Selye’s research. Here are some references about his very valuable research. Their study will be of great help in understanding and overcoming AIDS in Africa and elsewhere:

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All my best wishes,
Roberto Giraldo

Roberto A. Giraldo