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Matamoros, Mexico
May 2003


Dear friends:

It is a pleasure to inform you that beginning on May 24, 2003, there was a four-day scientific reappraising AIDS event in Mexico:

Matamoros, Mexico, May 2003

BACKGROUND: Delia Arellano and Hector Lozada, both journalists at the newspaper "El Bravo" in the city of Matamoros, State of Tamaulipas, Mexico, published two series of articles in March and December 2002. Each report consisted of seven full-page articles, covering all aspects of the international scientific polemic concerning the causes and solutions of AIDS. In the December report they drew a parallel between the "XIV International HIV/AIDS Conference, Barcelona 2002" and our "AIDS Dissident Meeting, Barcelona 2002", organized by the Spanish National Association of Complementary Medicines. "El Bravo" is read in major Mexican cities as well as in several cities in southern Texas. Because of these published reports different sectors of the border communities (Mexico-USA) became interested in the true history of AIDS.

COFRES (Brotherhood Counsel of Health and Hope): This NGO was created in response to the multiple tasks arising from the interest manifested by the border communities in the alternative interpretation of AIDS. Journalist Delia Arellano is the President of this organization.

LECTURES (May 26 and 27):

1) "Immunological stressors are the real cause of AIDS", Roberto Giraldo, MD.
2) "Alternative treatment for HIV-positive individuals", Juan Jose Flores, MD, President of Alive and Well-Mexico, with chapters in several Mexican cities.
3) "Why I did not die of AIDS", Carlos Escudero, a Mexican who suffered from AIDS and is currently perfectly healthy, thanks to non-toxic, effective and inexpensive alternatives. His wife is expecting a baby girl whom they will name Victoria.

ATTENDEES: Lectures were attended by several hundred people. Many came from different Mexican cities and some had to travel more than 20 hours by bus to be present at these events. There were three lecture sessions:

1) For high school and university students and teachers.
2) For health care professionals and alternative/complementary therapists.
3) For factory workers, union leaders, political parties, religious groups, neighborhood leaders, and the general public.

Roberto Giraldo also presented a lecture to members of the Matamoros Rotary Club.

TESTIMONIES: During lectures several "HIV-positive" individuals and persons diagnosed with AIDS recounted their stories, examples of how it is easily possible to prevent and cure AIDS following dissident protocols and without using toxic antiretroviral medications.

MEDIA COVERAGE: There was a press conference attended by major Mexican media. Several television stations, as well as radio, magazine, and newspaper journalists taped the lectures and conducted interviews with lecturers and patients. Reports are being televised and broadcast in several Texas cities.

AIDS DISSIDENT MOVEMENT GROWS IN MEXICO: Spurred by the events and achievements in Matamoros, new chapters of COFRES and ALIVE and WELL-Mexico are being created in several Mexican cities and towns.

Those who wish to join these Mexican organizations should communicate with:

COFRES, Delia Arellano, Matamoros, Tamaulipas.
E-mail: consejo_fraternal@yahoo.com.mx

ALIVE AND WELL, Dr. Juan Jose Flores, Xalapa, Veracruz.
E-mail: juan@vivoysanomexico.com

Best wishes,

Roberto Giraldo
New York

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