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April 2005


Dear Friends:

I am very pleased to inform you of several dissident events in which I participated, in Brazil and Peru, during April of this year:

Curitiba, Brazil (April 16 and 17)

I had the honor and the privilege of having been invited by the South American Academy of Integrative Medicine, directed by Roberto-Cesar Leite, MD, to its 7th Brazilian Meeting and 4th International Meeting on Integrative Medicine. Dr. Leite’s Hospital of Integrative Medicine is internationally known for its high rates of cancer cures (centrodemedicina@bbs2.sul.com.br). This event was held at the Central University of Parana (UNICENP), in the beautiful city of Curitiba. Parana is proud to be known as Brazil’s “ecological state” and also to be the home of one of the most beautiful wonders of the natural world, the Iguassu Falls.

250 people attended this meeting, among them physicians, other health care professionals, and alternative therapists from all the regions and provinces of Brazil. Among the attendees were several “seropositive” activists from AIDS NGOs in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

The meeting included excellent lectures by internationally known experts on subjects such as homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, ozonetherapy, colontherapy, antioxidants and cancer, talasotherapy, phitopharmacology, nutritional medicine and AIDS, ayurvedic techniques for detoxifying, psychoneuroimmunology of cancer and AIDS, phitotherapy of multiple sclerosis, organic agriculture and human health, to mention only some of the subjects represented.

I presented two lectures at the meeting: “Myths, realities and challenges of the causes and solutions of AIDS”; and “A non toxic, effective and inexpensive alternative for the treatment and prevention of AIDS.”

I also participated in a round table discussion concerning natural alternatives for the treatment and prevention of AIDS. Also at this discussion was Juan Jose Flores, MD, from Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, director of “Vivo y Sano Mexico” (www.vivoysanomexico.com). Dr. Flores explained that he has achieved a complete recovery in 80% of more that 800 “seropositive” and AIDS patients from different countries (juan@vivoysanomexico.com). As you may remember, “Vivo y Sano Mexico” is the Mexican branch of the international NGO “Alive and Well,” directed by Christine Maggiore in Los Angeles, California (www.aliveandwell.org). Also at this round table was Higa Richter, director of the Brazilian Association of Alternative Technologies for the Promotion of Health (TAPS) (www.taps.org.br). Mrs. Richter has been a member of Rethinking AIDS for more than 10 years. She and TAPS have participated in several AIDS dissident meetings in Europe and America and have published and distributed several AIDS dissident books throughout Brazil.

Interviews with the media: I was interviewed 8 times for several local newspapers in Parana and for a few national papers.

The Brazilian dissident events were filmed by Flavia Angelico from Sao Paulo (flaviapa@yahoo.com), a camerawoman with international experience in documentaries with National Geographic, Discovery, and others. For several months Ms. Angelico has been working on a documentary covering worldwide AIDS dissidence.

I strongly advise that we begin preparing ourselves to attend the 5th International Meeting on Integrative Medicine which will be held at Foz do Iguassu, just at the foot of those wonderful falls — www.cataratasdoiguacu.com.br and www.iguazuargentina.com — in April 2006.

Lima, Peru (April 23 and 24).

The Peruvian Movement for Reappraising AIDS, Monarcas-Peru (www.laverdaddelsida.com), organized an International Seminar, “AIDS can be healed,” at the Norbert Wiener University in Lima. This University has several academic programs on natural medicine.

100 people attended this seminar, among them physicians, other health care professionals, and alternative therapists. It is important to note that half of the attendees were “seropositive” individuals or patients who have or had the clinical manifestations of AIDS (opportunistic infections, opportunistic tumors, and opportunistic metabolic diseases) from several Peruvian NGOs. This seminar was also attended by therapists, volunteers and AIDS patients or “seropositive” individuals from “La Posadita del Buen Pastor,” a NGO operated by nuns. The active participation of these patients in the discussions was of great help in the success of this seminar.

I presented four lectures at this meeting: “Myths, realities and challenges of the causes and solutions of AIDS”; “The chaotic consequences of the myth concerning the transmission of AIDS”; “The causes of AIDS in Africa”; and “A non-toxic, effective and inexpensive alternative for the treatment and prevention of AIDS.”

Jaime Fiol, OD, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a long time member of Rethinking AIDS, presented a brilliant lecture: “AIDS; myth or reality.” Dr. Fiol (fiolja2005@hotmail.com) is currently organizing a new AIDS dissident NGO in Argentina.

Other important lectures at this seminar included: “The use of plants for detoxifying and regenerating tissues and organs,” by Javier Jaro, MD (Peru); “Neurofocal dentistry and its relations with the immune system,” by Gustavo Torres, OD (Peru); and “Identity of the AIDS patient,” by Jaime Motta, MD (Peru).

Carlos Escudero from Michoacan, Mexico (escudecarlos@yahoo.com.mx), founder of the AIDS dissident NGO Monarcas-Mexico (www.monarcasmexico.com), presented a beautiful lecture: “AIDS is curable; you only need to overcome fear.” In this lecture he explained how he overcame the disease through Tibetan medicine. His courageous and generous testimony demonstrated that his exposure to immunological stressor agents such as street drugs was the real reason for his reacting positively on the so-called “tests for HIV” rather than his having been infected with a “virus” that has never been scientifically demonstrated to be genuine. Carlos Escudero is also the author of a great book: “HIV, the gate to enlightenment” (www.geocities.com/vihlapuerta).

During the discussion it was explained that the course and progress of the treatment of a “seropositive” person or a patient with AIDS can be properly monitored by tests different than CD4 cell counts or the so-called “viral load” test. Some of the tests and techniques that can be used for such monitoring are: a careful clinical evaluation, to check for the levels of antioxidants in blood, the use of the pulse and the state of the tongue from Chinese medicine, iris evaluation, tests of “live Blood” under dark field microscopes, and several instrumental measurements of energy, to mention just some of the techniques.

In the days preceding this Seminar, there were several radio, TV, and newspaper interviews with Jaime Fiol, OD, Carlos Escudero, and several members of the Monarcas-Peru Board of Directors. There were, inevitably, a few Internet protests from some members of Peruvian NGOs that defend the HIV/AIDS paradigm and that are financially supported by pharmaceutical companies that manufacture antiretrovirals.

It is important to note the patient, tolerant, and professional manner in which all the members of the Board of Directors of Monarcas-Peru had worked for several months bringing this great meeting together in order to help people that suffer the absurd consequences of the “HIV/AIDS” myth. The commitment to the dissident cause, the enthusiasm, and the sacrifices of the president of Monarcas-Peru, Maria Grazia Gonzales (mariagraziagonzales@hotmail.com), set an example to be followed.

I am, therefore, very happy to assure all of you that our AIDS dissident views continue to grow and spread throughout Brazil and Peru.

Very truly yours,

Roberto Giraldo
Member of the Board of Directors of Rethinking AIDS
New York


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