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August 20 to 27, 2004

Dear friends:

I am pleased to inform you of a very productive series of AIDS dissident lectures throughout Peru and Bolivia, between August 20 and 27, 2004.


Cusco, August 20 to 22, 2004.

Second International Congress on Alternative, Natural, and Indigenous Therapies. Organized by the international foundation “Luis Ernesto de los Andes,” and “Planet of Light,” with headquarters in Cochabamba, Bolivia and with chapters in several Latin American countries.

300 people attended, representing Spain, the USA, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. There were lectures and workshops concerning various natural and indigenous therapies. Attendees were able to participate in workshops on music therapy, Reiki, Inipi (a ceremonial therapeutic ritual from the South Dakota “Lakota Tribe” USA), and an extraordinary ritual of thanksgiving and respect to our mother Earth.

Two of the most debated issues at this congress were the treatment and prevention of both cancer and AIDS.

Dr. Roberto Cesar Leite, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine (Natural Medicine/Biologic Medicine) from Curitiba, Brazil, presented two extraordinarily interesting lectures on the treatment and prevention of cancer: (a) Natural hormone therapy; and (b) Biological therapies for cancer. He demonstrated that the belief in incurable cancer is a myth lacking scientific validity. It was fascinating to learn from him that cancer, in a way similar to AIDS, is a toxic and nutritional syndrome.
Web: www.robertocesarleite.com.br
Email: centrodemedicina@bbs2.sul.com.br

I personally presented two lectures upon the treatment and prevention of AIDS: (a) Myths, realities, and challenges in the causes and solutions of AIDS; and (b) Scientific bases for non-toxic, effective and inexpensive alternatives for the treatment and prevention of AIDS.
Web: www.robertogiraldo.com
Email: RobGiraldo@aol.com

Carlos Escudero, President of the Mexican Association for Rethinking AIDS, presented his living testimony: “Aids is curable...One just needs tos overcome fear”
Web: www.geocities.com/vihlapuerta
Email: vihlapuerta@yahoo.com.mx

Photography exhibit: My daughter Diana displayed on the walls of the conference hall her black and white photographs of a variety of stressor agents that affect our health and which can have chemical, physical, biologic, mental and nutritional origins. She titled her exhibit: “Our endangered species.”
Email: dg718@aol.com

Media coverage: The congress opened with a beautiful concert of Andean music and dances by the group “Tribu atrtistica Kona,” and with a press conference attended by more than 30 journalists from Peru. As expected, one of the topics that attracted the attention of media professionals was the scientific controversy concerning the causes and solutions of AIDS. The media published and broadcast several interviews with Carlos Escudero and me in various newspapers and on radio stations. Television stations presented several live interviews. It is safe to say that in Peru today no one can say that he or she does not know about the international debate concerning the causes and solutions of AIDS.

1.2. LIMA, August 27, 2004

My lecture, “Myths, realities and challenges of the causes and solutions of AIDS,” was organized by the Peruvian institution of integrative/natural medicine named “Santa Natura,” with branches in all of the cities of Peru. The organizing committee for this event was led by Dr. Juan Jose Moncada (juanjomonk@yahoo.com).

Attending were 150 people; health professionals, natural therapists, patients with AIDS, members of several HIV/AIDS NGOs, “seropositive” individuals, and lay people. During the discussion three individuals who had reacted positively on the so-called “tests for HIV” (“seropositives”) stood up and spontaneously delivered their personal testimonies. The two of them who had not taken antiretroviral medications and who followed a healthy life style and natural therapies appeared to be in excellent health. The husband of one of these healthy individuals, who himself takes antiretrovirals, exhibited clear signs of intoxication; fortunately, following his participation in the discussion, he very probably will switch to a natural protocol.

Carlos Escudero from Mexico shared with the attendees his testimony of healing AIDS through Tibetan medicine. On the day prior to this conference, Escudero had been interviewed on one of Peru’s most widely listened to radio stations.

The organizing committee for this Lima conference has recently founded an NGO which is coordinating our AIDS dissident events and activities throughout Peru. The president of this organization is Maria Grazia Gonzales, from Lima.


2.1. COCHABAMBA, August 25, 2004.

I presented a lecture at the “Hotel Portales” in downtown Chochabamba: “Myths, realities, and challenges of the causes and solutions of AIDS.” It was organized by the “Luis Ernesto de los Andes” Foundation and Planet of Light, Center for Integrative and Indigenous Therapies, which is directed by Luis Espinoza, known internationally as Chamalu.

It was attended by 400 people, including conventional and alternative health care professionals, medical students, members of several NGOs and several staff members from the Chochabamba HIV/AIDS control program (“Sidaccion”), including its medical director. Many people participated in the discussion. The members of “Sidaccion” disagreed aggressively, not with scientific arguments but with statements such as: “I have never listened to so much nonsense and such incoherence.” They stated that they could not understand why my name was not in the proceedings of the last International AIDS Conferencia held in Bangkok, Thailand (July 2004). It was explained to them that I was the very person who had requested, on December 8, 2003, during the European Parliament debate on AIDS, that UNAIDS convene an open public debate between HIV/AIDS mainstreamers and the so-called AIDS dissidents, a debate to be held at the Bangkok conference. However, It was UNAIDS representative Dr. Michael Sidibe who, after agreeing to my proposal in Brussels, later stated that he was required by his superiors to deny any such possibility, thus participating in an act of fundamental censorship.

2.2 QUILLACOLLO, August 26, 2004.

Intensive 4 hour seminar: “Alternatives for the treatment and prevention of AIDS,” held at headquarters of the “Luis Ernesto de los Andes Foundation” and Planet of Light.

This seminar was attended by fifty people, including health care professionals, integrative therapists, medical students and lay people. The discussions were enriched by amazing contributions from the audience.

In the city of Quillacolo, in the Bolivian Andes, Chamalu has created a genuine paradise named “Janajpacha,” an indigenous name in honor of Inca tradition and also Planet of Light, which was later donated to the “Luis Ernesto de los Andes” foundation. This is an area of about 7 acres, inhabited by peacocks, thousands of free birds, and the most beautiful Andean flora and fauna. It has several ethnoecologic houses and buildings surrounded by spectacular gardens and stone sculptures of the ancient Incas.

In this community, a group of 30 individuals, most of them young people between 20 and 35 years old, from various countries of the Americas and Europe, study under the supervision of Luis Espinosa (Chamalu) to become natural healers and go back to their original countries to demonstrate their new life style and to spread the message that it is indeed possible to create a new world pervaded by a love for all people, animals, plants, and every being inhabiting our planet and the universe. Here they respect even the smallest drop of water. It is a mixture of the most advanced modern non-toxic technology and a respect for history and indigenous traditions. They have erected about 30 structures with an ecologic architecture and they have unique spaces for each type of therapy, for meditation, and for the growth of spiritual life. They have an eco-hotel with extensive facilities and there is even a disco where the young people of Cochabamba can learn to have fun without alcohol or drugs. There is an open air theatre surrounded by amazing gardens and Andean animals. The community grows organic crops. They present lectures, seminars and workshops about ecology and healthy life styles to high school and college students as well as to other organizations and institutions.

The Foundation “Luis Ernesto de los Andes,” also known as Planet of Light, operates similar communities, or “Janajpacha,” in Peru and Colombia. It was an honor and a privilege to have spent even a few days with these people, the embryos of future communities. To them I express my eternal gratitude.
Web: www.planetadeluz.com
Email: fle@albatros.cnb.net and contacto@planetadeluz.com

Media coverage: Before my arrival in Cochabamba, the young people from Planet of Light disseminated documentation and explained in detail the dissident views concerning AIDS. There were several media reports on our conference and seminar and the University TV channel presented a live interview with Chamalu and myself.

Additionally, the physician director of Sidaccion-Cochabamba joined me in another live TV interview, in which he contended that none of our arguments have been validated scientifically, since no dissident names appear in the proceedings of the major international HIV/AIDS meetings. He also asserted that it was not true that researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health had published an article regarding vitamins and HIV/AIDS progression and mortality on July first of this year, as I had explained. Regardless of the fact that I had treated him with compassion and professionalism, he did not accept my invitation that the Department of Health of Bolivia conduct a clinical trial with three groups of AIDS patients; one to be treated solely with antiretrovirals, a second to be treated with antiretrovirals and anti-oxidants, and a third treated only with anti-oxidants.

The major newspapers of Bolivia reported objectively on the AIDS dissident views. One newspaper published an article in which “Sidaccion” asserted a “declaration of war” against me and announced that it had written letters to the World Health Organization and UNAIDS asking them to take action against me.

Very cordially,

Roberto Giraldo, MD
New York

Note: This translation from Spanish was possible thanks to the voluntary work of Leonardo Santana in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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