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October 2003

Dear friends:

I am pleased to inform you that the AIDS dissident movement is growing and becoming stronger in Mexico.

During the first week of October I was invited by a number of Mexican organizations and institutions to present lectures in several cities in central and northern Mexico. I spoke on immunological stressor agents as the real causes of AIDS.

The following is a list of activities carried out during the week, events attended by more than a thousand people.


Friday, October 3.

University of Guadalajara, School of Medicine. Lecture and debate during the National Medical Student Congress. Attended by 600 students of medicine, teachers, the Rector of the Center for Health Sciences, Dr. Raúl Vargas López, and the coordinator of the Medical School, Dr. Victor Manuel Lara-López.

After my presentation, professor Eduardo Rodriguez-Noriega, Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at the Hospital Civil de Belén, submitted a defense of the infectious and viral view of AIDS. Students participated actively during the discussion.

Jose Miguel Torres, a medical student and academic coordinator of the National Medical Student Congress and someone who has been following the debate about the causes and solutions of AIDS, moderated the debate. E-mail: cheme@doctor.com

Sunday, October 5.

Lecture for patients, relatives, individuals who reacted positively on the so-called "tests for HIV", and staff and activists of AIDS NGOs. Attended by 50 people.

Volunteers from a NGO that works with children with AIDS participated actively during the discussion.

This lecture was originally scheduled to be held at Hospital No. 89 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. However, it had to be moved to an art gallery because the Director of the HIV/AIDS office in the State of Jalisco called the hospital Director and requested that the dissident lecture not be presented at the hospital.

The organizers of this lecture were Dr. Adda Sanchez, MD, and Homeopathic Doctor Laura Helena de Sanchez. E-mail: addahiix@yahoo.com.mx


Saturday, October 4.

In this northern Mexican city, where I had previously lectured in May, there was a lecture for students in medicine and other heath care professions. The Office of Youth Matters of the State of Tamaulipas extended the invitation to me. The lecture was part of an International Youth Festival. 150 people attended.

Hector Lozada, a journalist who has published several AIDS dissident articles in the leading state newspaper, assisted in the organization of this lecture. E-mail: fototeto@yahoo.com.mx


Monday, October 6.

A lecture organized by the Foundation for Holistic Medicine, a NGO with members from several of the states of Mexico. The city's mayor, Mr. Ney Gonzalez, supported the lecture. 300 people attended.

A singular event occurred: after having traveled for a number of hours from Guadalajara, several nuns, who direct a NGO for children with AIDS, arrived at the lecture. One of them explained that within a few years approximately 600 children in the institution had died from AIDS. The children are brought there merely to die. Several alternative and complementary therapists who were attending the lecture committed themselves to helping children with AIDS in the state of Jalisco.

Currently several chapters of the Foundation for Holistic Medicine are being formed in Mexico City and in other states such as Michoacan and Jalisco. This foundation will remain in contact with Vivo y Sano, another dissident NGO directed by Dr. Juan Jose Flores in Xalapa, Veracruz. E-mail: juan@vivoysanomexico.com

Additionally, the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Holistic Medicine have decided to create an international network to coordinate AIDS dissident activities and NGOs in Spanish speaking countries.

In Tepic I had the opportunity to experience a "Temazcal," a kind of sauna created by the Aztecs, which uses volcanic incandescent rocks that are mixed with water and medicinal plants. This therapy, created by the Aztecs, continues to be conducted by indigenous Aztec descendents. The Aztec philosophy, still prevalent in Mexico, protects and defends humans, animals, plants, and nature at large. The sauna was a wonderful physical and spiritual experience, which I recommend to everyone. Those interested in being in a "temazcal" should contact, in the city of Tepic, Mr. Antonio Gonzalez (Tel: 212 7855) or Mr. Lazaro Chavez (Tel: 218 0761).

Agricultural engineer Victor Hugo Martinez, President of the Foundation for Holistic Medicine, was the principal organizer of the dissident events in Tepic. E-mail: victorhugomtz@hotmail.com


Saturday, October 11.

Lecture at the Jose Ruben Romero Theater at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo. It was attended by 250 people. The master of ceremonies was the biologist Arturo Chavez from the State Secretary of Urbanism and Environment.

The Rector of the Universidad Michoacana and several State officials supported this event. In addition, prior to the lecture we participated in TV and radio interviews, discussions that were protested by several NGOs that defend the HIV/AIDS paradigm.

Carlos Escudero, who was the principal organizer of the Morelia dissident events, is the author of the book HIV the Door to Illumination, which is a great help to those who want to overcome fear and sincerely want to resolve AIDS or the condition of being "HIV-positive." During all our lectures this courageous Mexican explained in detail how he was healed of AIDS with Tibetan medicine. His testimony is an example of courage and love for his fellow human beings which ought to be followed by everyone. E-mail: vihlapuerta@yahoo.com.mx

During the lecture in Morelia, Mr. Eduardo Oviedo Chavez, 86 years old, related the multiple sufferings and rejections that he and his family had to face from health care professionals and institutions when his son got sick and died of AIDS in 1993. He explained that the fact that none of his family members contracted AIDS, despite having been in close contact with his son, was one more argument against the transmissibility of AIDS. He asked health care professionals to carefully study the scientific facts concerning AIDS in order to avoid the rejection and stigmatization that AIDS patients and their families are currently suffering.

It is a certainty that this cycle of conferences will assist in consolidating and further expanding the AIDS dissident influence in Mexico. Those who wish to participate more actively in AIDS dissident activities in Mexico should contact the e-mail addresses listed in this report.

Very cordially,

Roberto Giraldo, MD
New York


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