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February 26 to March 1, 2004


Dear Friends:

I am very pleased to inform you that the influence of AIDS dissidence continues to spread throughout Mexico. On this occasion I was invited, by independent individuals and members of the staffs of schools of medicine and dentistry, to visit several cities in the state of Baja California, near the border with the United States.

LECTURES:  During these 6 days I presented our AIDS dissident viewpoints by lecturing in several cities. I delivered 4 main presentations: one in Tijuana attended by 200 people; one to the general public in Ensenada attended by 600 people; one to the staff and students of the School of Medicine, University of Xochicalco, also in Ensenada, attended by 900 people; and one to the staff of the School of Dentistry (Universidad Autonoma de Baja California) in Mexicali attended by 50 people.

The lecture at the School of Dentistry in Mexicali was attended by a well known immunologist who founded the NGO "Amigo" to help people who react positively on the so-called "tests for HIV" or who already have the clinical manifestations of AIDS. This lecture was also attended by a physician who is the Director of the AIDS Program at the Secretary of Health of the state of Baja California. Both of these individuals actively participated in the discussion and received the dissident information with a very open mind.

Particularly encouraging was the lecture at the School of Medicine, University of Xochicalco, in Ensenada. The discussion there, with medical specialists and advanced medical students, was carried out in a very professional ambiance. Everyone received our views with open minds and, after the debate, I received a standing ovation from 900 people.

Several alternative or complementary therapists who are following our views and who are seeing patients with AIDS or those who react on the "tests for HIV" also attended these lecturers.

RADIO INTERVIEWS:  While in Baja California, I did 8 radio interviews and each program has been rebroadcast several times since then. Radio stations are still receiving calls from people congratulating them for bringing hope with this new information about AIDS.

TV INTERVIEWS:  While in Mexico, two interviews with me were recorded for TV shows that have been broadcast several times. A physician who has a weekly TV program also interviewed me live.

NEWSPAPER INTERVIEWS:  There was a two page report of an interview with me in one of the most popular newspapers in Ensenada. Even the physician that they selected to respond to my views in this newspaper report ended up voicing ideas similar to many of our views on AIDS.

Several other newspapers have been reporting positively on our AIDS dissident views and the presentations in Baja California.

All of the journalists who interviewed me were very open and received the AIDS dissident information very well. They are indeed eager to inform people concerning all sides of these issues.

Following this AIDS dissident tour in Baja California, no one there can now say that they are unaware of the International Debate upon the Causes and Solutions for AIDS that we are leading in many countries.

Very truly yours,

Roberto Giraldo

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