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The AIDS Dissident Movement is Growing in Mexico
May 22-31, 2004

Dear friends:

I am pleased to report that AIDS dissidence continues to grow and spread in the Republic of Mexico.

Thanks to an invitation that I received from the organizers of the “First International Congress of Nursing” that was convened in the beautiful city of Morelia, in the state of Michoacan, between May 26 and 28, I delivered a series of lectures in several Mexican cities, presenting the main points of AIDS dissidence.

Puerto Vallarta, state of Jalisco (May 22)

This lecture was organized by well known journalists and community leaders. The lecture served as the opening of “The Second Meeting on Natural, Traditional, and Alternative Medicine.” It was attended by 70 people, including some “HIV-positive” individuals and patients with AIDS. The popular newspaper “El Sol” published, both before and after the lecture, several reports describing the main points of AIDS dissidence.

Tepic, state of Nayarit (May 25)

This lecture was organized by the Foundation of Holistic Medicine and the International Movement for the Holistic Reappraisal of AIDS. It was attended by 300 people, including several AIDS patients healed by local therapists using our protocol for the treatment and prevention of AIDS (TreatingAndPreventingAIDS.html).

The next day we had the opportunity to attend a Temazcal, a type of sauna that uses incandescent volcanic stones and herbs. The Temazcal is a ritual practice that has its origins in Aztec and Mayan cultures.

The local TV channel, the official channel of the State of Nayarit, broadcast a live interview of me, presenting the main points of AIDS dissidence, and a testimony by a Mexican, Carlos Escudero. Not surprisingly, this provoked a heated response
and the next day the Department of Health of the state of Nayarit broadcast a program with a virologist, an epidemiologist, and an immunologist, all attempting to discredit our views and testimonies.

Morelia, state of Michoacan (May 28)

A lecture to the First International Congress of Nurses, attended by 1,300 nurses from all the Spanish speaking countries and Portugal. My lecture received a standing ovation. Following this lecture I received invitations from nursing organizations in several Hispanic countries.

There was a live interview on one of the local Morelia stations, broadcast in prime time.

Our fellow AIDS dissidents from the city of Morelia have just created the National Movement for the Scientific Reappraisal of AIDS-Mexico (MONARCA Mexico), to coordinate alternative programs for the treatment and prevention of AIDS and to organize AIDS dissident activities and events in the central states of Mexico.

Xalapa, state of Veracruz (May 31)

A seminar organized by “Vivo y Sano Mexico” (www.vivoysanomexico.com), directed by our fellow dissident Dr. Juan Jose Flores, and affiliated with “Alive and Well”, directed with great enthusiasm by Christine Maggiore in Los Angeles (www.aliveandwell.org). This seminar was attended by 100 people, including a fair number of medical students. The AIDS dissident viewpoints were very well received by the attendees.

Dr. Juan Jose Flores, who has treated and healed more than 800 AIDS patients from Mexico and other countries using our basic guidelines for treating and preventing AIDS, discussed in his lecture “The importance of Herpes viruses in HIV-positive patients." He explained that 100 percent of HIV-positive individuals and patients with AIDS arrive at his clinic with either active or previous infections by one or more of the 8 types of known Herpes viruses (HSV1 and 2, CMV, VZV, EBV, HHV-6, HHV-7, HHV-8). Flores addressed the importance of early and proper treatment of these viral infections, which enhance immune deficiency.

Carlos Escudero from Patzcuaro, state of Michoacan, explained in a dramatic testimony how the use of psychogenic drugs was the cause of his AIDS, and how, in his case, Tibetan doctors, by detoxifying and stimulating his weakened systems, were able to heal him completely from this syndrome. He explained that his first wife, who never consumed psychogenic drugs, developed AIDS by being terrified after seeing how her first husband, who at the time was a heavy abuser of drugs, died of AIDS. Carlos Escudero’s testimony demolishes the myths about the transmission of AIDS and about AIDS being incurable. From his very courageous presentation it was clear that multiple, repeated, and chronic exposures to a variety of stressor agents of chemical, physical, biological, mental, and nutritional origin are the real causes of AIDS, and that rather than being an infectious and transmissible disease, AIDS is a toxic and nutritional condition. Carlos Escudero and his new wife have a beautiful one-year-old son and are now expecting their second child. Carlos is living a completely normal life, dedicated to helping other people who suffer from AIDS.

It is important to note that the media provided good coverage of our AIDS dissident lectures and activities in these Mexican cities.

We used this series of lectures in Mexico to promote the “International Congress on Natural, Alternative, and Indigenous Medicine,” to be convened in Cusco, Peru on August 20 to 22, 2004 (Email: contacto@planetadeluz.com and fle@albatros.cnb.net Website: www.chamalu.com). At this congress in Peru we are going to meet with several AIDS dissident leaders from Spanish speaking countries.


Roberto Giraldo
New York


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